Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Awful, Awful, Awful, then there is a Moment."

A few days ago, it was Mcrae's 15 month check-up at the doctors office, which is an hour away. I always brings Rhen along, I think just to prove to myself that I can take two out of the house by myself.  So I loaded the diaper bag with treats, books and whatever keeps them entertained.  When we walked into the office I put the boys down on their own seats gave them both a book and waited in a line to check in.  They both sat there, not a word out of them, or a movement.  I was shocked but proud.  I then returned to sit between them and they still just gazed at their books and were completely quite!  I felt so proud again, it was the best feeling! Next we headed to Wendy's we ordered and found a place to sit.  The boys just ate their food and teased me a little like usual.(There father has taught them well!)  Stared at the other kids who were extremely noisy.  Rhen of course had to mention that it was not good manners to yell.  I thought wow... you have heard me!  It was such a rewarding feeling to know that I can do it, I can leave the house by myself.  You always see the girls leaving the Mall or Walmart just bauling there heads off.  I am so afraid of that, so I never go unless Justin can come with me. 
Today we ventured out again, except to Preston.  After the errands were done I took the boys to Artic Circle which has a play land in it.  I was so impressed with Rhen, for once he didn't fight me.  We ordered, sat down, and he says "When I'm all done eating then I can go and play, huh mom." It just made me smile all over!  And he did just that.  I never worry about Mcrae, as long as their is food he doesn't care.
As more and more cars pulled in the parking lot, with kids running from every car I was beginning to wonder how it was going to be.  (We have had bad past experiences in fun lands that I, the mom, am still trying to forget about.)  I thought about not saying anything but then I had to!  "Rhen, remember, as soon as you hit or you are mean to somebody else, we will go home."  I got the nod.  It was so releaving to WALK out of there, not running or ducking my head, because my kid just beat up an innocent little boy.
I have to remember theses times because so often all I remember is the the bad.
It is like the movie the Back-up Plan.  "It's awful, awful, awful, and then there is that moment."
Ok so it is not really that bad.... but it makes me laugh!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kids at Christmas


This year I am going to post at least once a month so that I can record what the kids are doing... I have to follow through because they are growing up so fast.
Goals..... I have a few but I hope if I start they will become habits!
- reading the Book of Mormon by myself
- following a weekly schedule of chores and house cleaning
- season my 5 year old horse
- go with Justin once a week!

To sum up 2010

It was an extremely fast year! There was lots of fun and memories made. We have now been married 4 years and it is crazy to think that we have 2 kids. (3 year old and 1 year old) But everything is how it is supposed to be. Justin and I are now self employed. Justin takes care of the cows and I take care of the kids. It was our first year to run our own cows, we learned a lot and are excited for the years to come in this profession. I did get to adventure out with him on the road trips and the pretty scenery as we went to check cows. Rhen even got to come a few times when we took the four wheeler. I finally started riding again in August, we at least for myself. I road-triped a lot with Bo Jane as we all tried to take care of kids and barrel race. The crazy things that we think we can do as mothers... but it always seems to work.
Rhen has grown up a lot this year. His personality will be my biggest trial. He is very strong willed and very aggressive. They aren't a good combination. Hopefully we can curve him so that he will turn out right. He is also very kind though, and he means no harm. He always finds the way to melt us. He loved jumping on the tramp with the sprinkler under it. I think that was the highlight of his summer. We took a mom and tot swimming class together, going 2 times a day. It was awsome because he loved it and it made him so tired. We went to Lagoon again. This year he was a little more timid, but he still wants to go again.
Mcrae is so different than Rhen. He is sweet and cuddly. He will always give you a love. He started walking around 12 months. He got 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth all at the same time at 6 months, but it never really bothered him. He likes to show off and have our attention. When Rhen is gone he knows that he can play with everything and he boils over with excitement. He always is smiling and and even a little cheesy! But he does know how to through a fit. Which I just think he has watched Rhen and then went about it in his own way.
We just can't imagine it anyother way with them.
We are happy that the year is over but we are excited for this year. We hope we will be able to have just as great of year as we grow with our family. We are excited for 2011!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do they look like brothers????


Mcrae is the sweetest little boy. I don't know what I would do with out him now that I have him. He is so quick to smile about everything, even when he is not feeling well. He is almost 4 months old and already rolling over. He is so active and just like Rhen he loves to stand. Super bowl Sunday we all got to witness his first laugh. Rhen was throwing his stuffed animal up in the air in front of him and for some reason he thought it was hilarious. Rhen was so proud that he made him laugh. It is so fun to watch them interact, all Rhen has to do is talk and Mcrae just smiles. He is always looking for Rhen. It will be fun when they are older, I think they will be great friends. At this point in my life I have never had anything more satisfying then my kids laughing and smiling.

Rhen our Cowboy

How can you not think he is cute? He is so much fun! He is our little southern boy. Which makes his daddy proud! He has quite the accent. He always says "Yesss III Did" and "How You doin?" He is also our little cowboy. He wants to be just like Justin. He wears his cowboy hat, belt and boots everywhere. Part of his potty training bribe is that we will by him chaps, so that he can ride bulls. He loves to ride everyone! When he gets bucked off he throws his hands in the air and waves his hat. I don't know what I will do if he grows up to be a bull rider. Mom's can't take that.

Potty Training

Every day is a new adventure with Rhen. Going through the potty training phase has been some of the funniest times and most frustrating. I can't complain because he gets it from Justin and I, but he tells us when he is going to go and when he isn't. I have to leave a diaper on him becasue when I put underware on him he won't tell me when he has to go. But for some reason when the diaper is on he will. Then when I get him in there he says mom," it's not working, what's the matter with it. " I never thought I would be asked that question. All I can do is laugh at his personality. We are getting to where he will tell me everytime when he has to go potty and he finally when number 2 but it was on his own conditions. So I guess I will keep working at it!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rhen's first 18 months

This was the first week after we had Rhen. He was such a tough little guy. He looks just like an Edwards!!

Rhen and Dad asleep on the couch......

About us....

For those of you that I haven't talked to for so long.... I need to catch up.
Justin and I met along time ago at a horse event, he had just returned home from his mission. He tells everyone that he had to wait for me to graduate high school and a couple other things.... It ended up being that Wyatt Kinghorn was Justin's roommate at ISU. So he gave Justin my number and we hit it off from there. At the time I was at BYU-I and so we had a long commute. There was a lot of late night phone conversations where he would make me laugh so hard all I could do was cry. I don't think anybody had ever made me laugh like he did. We gradually knew that we were both hooked and didn't want to let go. So we were married October 6, 2006.
We have Rhen who is 18 months old and I am expecting again. I am due November 1st, so I am 13 weeks along. That is actually Rhen's birthday. I am learning that things just happen for a reason because that wan't planned at all.

We bought a house in Malad that we gutted and fixed up. We are living there after a lot of hard work that took us all summer long. I am currently working on fixing up the yard and planting a garden. Fun.. Fun...