Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Awful, Awful, Awful, then there is a Moment."

A few days ago, it was Mcrae's 15 month check-up at the doctors office, which is an hour away. I always brings Rhen along, I think just to prove to myself that I can take two out of the house by myself.  So I loaded the diaper bag with treats, books and whatever keeps them entertained.  When we walked into the office I put the boys down on their own seats gave them both a book and waited in a line to check in.  They both sat there, not a word out of them, or a movement.  I was shocked but proud.  I then returned to sit between them and they still just gazed at their books and were completely quite!  I felt so proud again, it was the best feeling! Next we headed to Wendy's we ordered and found a place to sit.  The boys just ate their food and teased me a little like usual.(There father has taught them well!)  Stared at the other kids who were extremely noisy.  Rhen of course had to mention that it was not good manners to yell.  I thought wow... you have heard me!  It was such a rewarding feeling to know that I can do it, I can leave the house by myself.  You always see the girls leaving the Mall or Walmart just bauling there heads off.  I am so afraid of that, so I never go unless Justin can come with me. 
Today we ventured out again, except to Preston.  After the errands were done I took the boys to Artic Circle which has a play land in it.  I was so impressed with Rhen, for once he didn't fight me.  We ordered, sat down, and he says "When I'm all done eating then I can go and play, huh mom." It just made me smile all over!  And he did just that.  I never worry about Mcrae, as long as their is food he doesn't care.
As more and more cars pulled in the parking lot, with kids running from every car I was beginning to wonder how it was going to be.  (We have had bad past experiences in fun lands that I, the mom, am still trying to forget about.)  I thought about not saying anything but then I had to!  "Rhen, remember, as soon as you hit or you are mean to somebody else, we will go home."  I got the nod.  It was so releaving to WALK out of there, not running or ducking my head, because my kid just beat up an innocent little boy.
I have to remember theses times because so often all I remember is the the bad.
It is like the movie the Back-up Plan.  "It's awful, awful, awful, and then there is that moment."
Ok so it is not really that bad.... but it makes me laugh!


  1. Yay! There is hope!! Maybe someday I will have one of those moments!! JK, Macie really isn't that bad but i totally know what you're saying!! Wish we lived closer so we could hang out!!